VERV Wellness
A new brand built from the ground up to help active, health-minded people be all that they can be.
The Bar Muscle Gym & Tone Fitness Studio
Namaste Yoga Studio & VERV Clinic


To compete in a crowded wellness market, VERV needed a fresh take on what a wellness center was, with an emphasis on serious health and fitness minded clients.


In a local field of wellness centers with wishy-washy names, the name VERV stands out as a vivid hint at the real-life effects their services will have on clients.


We developed a bold and strong logo with a symbolic representation of how VERV can help you jump off to a new, healthier you.


With a wide variety of facilities available to clients. We developed personalities & logos to provide direction & visual style unique to each of VERV Wellness' spaces.


An emphasis on strong, bold design sets VERV Wellness away from traditional competition and focuses on attracting sports & health minded individuals.
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