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Google ranking & SEO services in Kitchener-Waterloo

why is SEO important?


Over 90% of customer buying journeys starts with search

There’s just no getting around that ranking in google’s is an absolute necessity for small businesses today.  Customers are more savvy and informed now than ever before, which means it’s not good enough just to have a website that lists your products or services.    With our data-first, but human approach to SEO you will begin seeing your site rise in google’s search consistently.


70% of users don't stray past google's first page results

In order to get noticed, first you need to get onto page one of google’s search results.  With only 30% of users visiting the second page of google’s search, if your business is going to succeed SEO must absolutely play a part in your online strategy.  With MUUZ SEO, you will steady improve your google ranking until you’re trending amongst the top results on google.

what is SEO?

SEO is a competition

You’re in a race against your competition, and google is where that race is won or lost and a strong website is your route to success. Ranking above the competition requires a strong, focused, and ongoing SEO strategy.   It’s race that never ends, your competition is investing in it, and without your attention & investment, you will continue to fall behind the competition.  That’s where MUUZ SEO comes into play.  We 

SEO is data & research

Proper SEO isn’t guesswork. It’s a dedicated analysis of your website’s data, compared to the competition.  Dozens of metrics and factors play into how well you place  in google’s search rankings, from the depth of your website’s content, to which keywords to target, and which areas of your business to specialize in.

SEO has a great return on investment

Everyone wants value for money.  And the simple fact is, SEO brings in clients.  There are few better investments in the marketing world than SEO work.  SEO work not only brings in clients, it informs your business and gives you insight into what your potential clients are looking for. The research we do shines a light on new opportunities for growth and service or product avenues that our clients hadn’t considered in the past.  It’s google success & business research all in one.

converting users into customers.

This is the part other SEO agencies forget about. All they care about is getting users to your site.  Turning users into customers is YOUR problem apparently.  At MUUZ, we don’t think that way.  We employ user-friendly content & design strategies to ensure that when a user does visit, they find what they are looking for, and reach out to engage with your business.

related services.

competitive analysis

Our competitive analysis is a deep dive into the performance of your existing website and how it stacks up against the competition.  This helps us identify the blind spots in your digital marketing strategy and informs SEO strategy for the future.

website design

Everything starts with a responsive, smart, and attractive website that converts users into clients.  Our team of writers & designers will construct an SEO friendly website that is informative, beautiful, and most importantly of all, connects strongly with your potential clients.

content marketing

In SEO, content is king.  Having a strong, thoughtful content marketing strategy is paramount to success in your broader SEO strategy.  It lends credibility & substance to your business as well as consistently improving your rankings in Google’s search results.

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