Adults in Motion Brand Refresh

Adults in Motion is a leader day programs and activities for adults with developmental disabilities.  With locations across southwestern Ontario, Adults in Motion has been a pioneer in developing unique and novel programming for the community.

We are proud to be playing an ongoing and pivotal role in the transformative journey of Adults in Motion.  We embarked on a mission to revamp their brand, starting with a fresh, modern logo that reflects their dynamic and inclusive ethos. Our design team crafted a visual identity that resonates with the vibrant spirit of Adults in Motion, infusing new life into their brand image.

Our strategic approach extended beyond aesthetics. We dove deep into understanding their goals and audience, enabling us to develop a marketing strategy that’s both effective and empathetic. The result? A website that’s not just visually appealing, but also user-friendly and accessible, mirroring the welcoming nature of Adults in Motion.



Adults in Motion’s new logo & identity stem from walking a fine line between childhood wonder, and appealing to the adult demographic of their members.  By incorporated a stylized smiley face and a vibrant colour palette, the Adults in Motion personality really shines through.

Adults in Motion branding

website design

The Adults in Motion website is an optimistic, happy, informative place to learn about how day programs can bring joy and growth to the adults with developmental disabilities.  Utilizing existing photography, and integrating a visual design that includes dynamic shapes and an uncluttered design, the new creates a professional, friendly and inviting atmosphere for new & returning community members.

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